Coughing up blood, kicking up dust / Eating the dirt, starting to rust / What more should i do? / What more should i say? / Hiding in shadows and fading away / Memory saves, memory fights / Memory brings joy / When current times don't / Salt on the wound / Fuel to the fire / Insult to injury / You are a liar / Race against time / Chasing a ghost / Getting a grip / On things you cant hold / Time and time again / You set this trap / Time and time again / You walked right in

02 SKIN DEEP lyrics

Words on the walls / Words on the screens / Words on the airwaves / Telling you nothing / Caught in transition / Straining your will / Its all racing by while you're stuck standing still / you'll never get out alive / that should be motivation enough / thrown in the river at birth / forced to sink or swim / options are a funny thing / coerced into identity / Skin deep / Coerced into identity / Here are your cards, read em and weep / We wont hear what they say / We know what we see

03 CONSPIRE lyrics

Consuming the days left in our lives / Participating in our own destruction / When a light shines on this ugly picture / That we did not paint / No longer obsessed with social roles / We're kicking holes in their abstraction / No longer can we bear indifference / To this nightmare world / We'd rather dare to dream, to act / Then change to fit the mold / Stop the presses / We wont accept oblivion / Stop the presses / You will not highjack our lives / Stop the presses / We will conspire / Stop the presses / We are everywhere and we will never die

04 CHAINS lyrics

Going slowly through the night / Made mistakes all day called life / I dont say much these days / Cause my favourite word's goodbye / Sugar coated words create / This vision in my brain / sugar coated words to keep you / dancing in the rain / The illusion wastes my time / the illusion is a wound / the illusion is a leap of faith / that I dont really have / sickly sweet / sharply soft / old habits die hard / but I'd rather die than submit to these chains

05 THE SPECTRE lyrics

Word on the street is that you're back in town / Word on the street is that you're out / Was it worth it? All the shit you put us through / What's your next step now that you've got nothing left / Your bullshit walked a lot taller than you / But the spectre still haunts us every day / In every single state / No matter where you go it's there


Locked in, silenced, disavowed / Want to escape, they say it's not allowed / Want to escape, but I don't know how / So I'll kick, so I'll scream, So I'll fight it / because I hate it / Taking back what belongs to us / taking the time to kick up a fuss / life begins with a no / refusing to do their mundane tasks / refusing all the hypocracy we're asked / life begins with a no / taking back what belongs to us


Blindfolded, sheltered / distracted and decieved / The reality surrounds them / still they cannot see / suffocated / conciousness / perspective is diseased / siding with their oppressors / confusing their enemies / saying they want freedom / but voting for heavier chains / saying they want freedom / but for who? / Looking for a brighter future / but doing impressions / of a bloodstained past / xenophobic, racist, dehumanizing rhetoric / stifling argument, calling for war / A wall of fear surrounds you / grandiose illusions / grandiose delusions.


Ryley, Evan, Martin, Taylor
Recorded at live at Hamspace 2016
Vocals recorded at Bill's House 2016